Top Gun Leadership: MISSION READY

Fly Five Missions With Waldo

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Five Days, Five Peak-Performance Missions!

Over the next Five Days, I'll send you five peak-performance missions that will get you "Mission Ready".

Day 1: If You Want to Find a Wingman, Be A Wingman
The more wingmen you have who provide support, advice, & coaching, the less likely life missiles will shoot you down.

Day 2: Are You Setting The Standard?
What standards are you setting for yourself & others? And is your organization promoting & emulating a culture of high standards? 

Day 3: Situational Awareness
reparation, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of tactical excellence help fighter pilots build Situational Awareness (SA), and it can help you build your SA as you strive for excellence.

Day 4: Debriefing After Every Mission
Debriefing can be a huge asset in your personal and professional growth, but only if you call timeout, gather your wingmen, humble yourself, and ask for feedback. 

Day 5: Refuel & Retool
ulling back the throttle and getting in the hangar for maintenance will allow you to refuel your jet, build resilience, develop innovative ideas, and get back in the air at full power


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